EPM2021 covers all aspects of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials, from fundamentals to various applications. The conference will include but will not be limited to:

  1. Fundamentals of EPM, MHD, theory & modeling
  2. Induction heating, plasma processing & related heat treatment
  3. Electromagnetic melting and heating
  4. EM shaping or forming, mixing, magnetic or EM levitation
  5. Liquid metal processing: steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, magnesium, alloys
  6. Solidification, crystal growth under external fields
  7. Advanced materials processing in static or alternating magnetic fields
  8. Other processes under external fields, electrochemistry, magnetic, electric, electrostatic, microwaves
  9. Measuring techniques in liquid metal flows and nondestructive control/wireless energy transfer (by induction)
  10. Equipment for EPM, EM pumps, EM brakes, EM stirrers, power sources
  11. Low electrical conductivity liquid processing, oxides, glasses, electrolytes
  12. Recycling by EM processes
  13. MHD for light metal metallurgy