Institute of Physics of University of Latvia (IPUL)

The Institute of Physics of University of Latvia (previously - Institute of Physics of Latvian Academy of Sciences) is recognized as one of the oldest and largest worldwide centres in the field of fundamental and applied magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) research. The employees of the Institute of Physics (about 75 employees) carry out complex investigations of the electrodynamic, hydrodynamic and heat/mass transfer phenomena occurring in liquid conducting media subject to the influence of electromagnetic fields of different types, in particular, with respect to the problems of engineering physics and liquid metal technologies. Numerous versions of electromagnetic pumps and other specific devices for alloys transport, stirring, pouring, conditioning have been developed for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, for the technologies of composite material production and growth of semiconductor single crystals and so on. The wide experience of the Institute of Physics in the field of work with liquid metal media, the appropriate experimental equipment and developed specific methods and procedures of measurements in molten metals and alloys allow to perform physical and numerical simulations of different technological processes in order to work out new original MHD methods for controlling the hydrodynamic and heat/mass transfer characteristics of melts in metallurgy and single crystal growth from the melt.